Mosquito Repellent Oil


In today’s day and age people look for drugs that are relatively safe and provide a quick solution to the existing problem, without really thinking about long term effects that the chemicals present in these drugs have on our body. If we look at Mosquito Repellents almost all mosquito repellents have a chemical called DEET in it, which kills the mosquitoes. Now, if a chemical is killing an insect it is natural, to presume that long term exposure to the chemical would cause some issues with us Human too. After all US EPA has DEET in the Toxicity category III, which means, it is slightly Toxic.

We, at Dhriti Raina Agro Products are harnessing the goodness of nature and only the pure extracts from plants in the form of essential oils have been used in producing ‘Masurika’, a 100% Herbal Mosquitoes Repellent. Our product is completely DEET free and does not have any kind of synthetic oil or preservatives mixed in it and therefore can safely be used by all above the age of 2 years. Masurika does not kill the Mosquitoes, it simply drives them away, it works on the principal of aroma therapy. An aroma which the Mosquitoes don’t like and is generally found to be pleasant to human.


NOur Mosquito Repellent Oil is enriched with Goodness of following essential Oils:

  • Citronella
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Fractional Distilled Coconut Oil (Non Freezing) has been used as a carrier oil.

Indications: Useful as mosquito and fly repellent 

Masurika is a Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine, duly approved by Ministry of Ayush.



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