Herbal Stain Remover


We have all been in a situation where we get our clothes dirty with food stains. Especially with kids and pets in the family, the concern regarding getting rid of the dirty stains further extends to ensuring that the fabrics also remain disinfected. Kayasiddhi’s unique blend of oils fights the stubborn spots, disinfects the fabrics while ensuring that the colour and quality of fabric do not fade away. Kayasiddhi Herbal Stain Remover cleans all types of food and even blood stains from fabrics.


Basil, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Lime Rind essential oils

So Useful

i) Removes all types of food, sweat and blood stains from fabrics.
ii) Can be used for instant dry cleaning of sofas, car seat covers, curtains and bed covers.
iii) Removes foul odour. iv) Clean and disinfects kitchen slabs and stove.

How to Use

Overnight Dilution
Just put two caps of Kayasiddhi Herbal Stain Remover in half a bucket of water (10 ml solution in 10 litres of water: Dilution Percentage 0.1%) and soak the stained clothes in it for 8-10 hours. Take out the clothes and wash with a regular detergent, either by hand or in washing machine.

Instant Stain Removing
Take an empty 500 ml spray bottle and fill it with clean water. Add two caps of Kayasiddhi Herbal Stain Remover (10 ml solution in 500 ml of water +10 ml shampoo: Dilution Percentage 2%). Shake the bottle well so that the oil temporarily mixes with water. Spray it on your clothes and use a soft wide brush to gently remove the stain. This method can be used to instantly remove stains from clothes and other fabrics. This concoction can also be used to clean mirrors and car dashboards by just spraying it over the surface and wiping with a soft microfiber cloth.

Important Note

Both the (Diluted and Instant) stain remover methods work on all kinds of food, sweat and blood stains, even if they are a few days old, as long as the fabric has not already been washed or ironed.


Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Keep away from children and sunlight. Close the cap after use. Not for internal consumption or topical application. Do not spray directly on electronic gadgets.


This is a herbal concoction that can be considered as a home remedy and does not carry any
governmental approval. Therefore, users are advised to see what works best for them. Pure
Essential Oils are potent and some people can be allergic to them.


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